How to choose a washing machine repairman


How to choose a washing machine repairman? To many people this question may seem ridiculous and banal, because today there are many workshops for repairing household appliances, as well as private repairers. But, as practice shows, many of them do not always “reach” to the level of a professional.


Determining the master or service remotely

So, the first thing you need to do is to call the master by phone. When monitoring workshops, avoid those where the operator does not name the price of repair, frankly confused in the concepts of repair, answers questions vaguely: “I do not know exactly…”, “We need to look, calculate…”, etc.

In fact, the design of washing machines is quite simple, and in half of the cases, an accurate diagnosis of the device can be carried out over the phone. Many may argue that the operator is not obliged to know the causes of failure and methods of repair, and will be quite right, so in such cases, the dispatcher is obliged to connect you with the master or independently clarify the question of interest.

Beware of fraudsters

There are cases when masters or dispatchers in services, in the telephone mode allegedly can not determine the cause of the breakdown, but at the same time inform that, the call of a master at home is free, and the cost of diagnosis – so much so much. Be prepared for the fact that you may be “divorced for money”.

The master will come, for appearance will remove the cover, and then say that the device must be led at your expense to the company, and you will offer a receipt for a preliminary diagnosis.

Where to look for a washing machine repairman

In fact, finding a good repairman can be done in several ways:

First, ask around friends, acquaintances or neighbors who have already faced the problem of repairing appliances. Surely, they can recommend a good master or, on the contrary, warn against a bad one;
Secondly, find a master on the newspaper. But here you are definitely at risk, often such ads give novice masters who are unlikely to be able to carry out repairs on the merits, and the warranty on the work done, most likely, will not give;
Third, the search for a master on the Internet. Search engines will offer a lot of different options for masters, but do not immediately call those who are on the first positions in the output, as it does not reflect on the ability of a person to make quality repairs.

Choosing a repairman

If you still decide to look for a master through the Internet or newspapers, then pay attention to the following factors:

  • Contacts of the master. If a person is really honest and professionally engaged in the repair of household appliances, then hide his phone number, home address or the address of the workshop, he is not why;
  • Prices for services. An experienced master always knows exactly the cost of repairing the washing machine or replacing specific parts, and can clearly answer any of your questions regarding malfunctions, of course, unless it is an exceptionally rare case.

By the work of the master you can always judge what level of professionalism he has. Remember, diagnose the causes of failure of the washing device master should only be in your presence, if you are asked to leave, then, definitely, want to hide something. Also, do not trust the master, who is very long looking for the causes of failure, most likely, he works in this area is not long.

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How to choose a washing machine repairman
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