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You open the refrigerator, and it stinks from it – this is a problem that every housewife has faced at least once in her life. It can appear due to various problems inside the appliance itself. For example, you have spoiled products, and you did not dispose of them immediately. Of course, it is best to prevent the appearance of such a problem. But if it has already happened, then you need to deal with how to get rid of the odor in the refrigerator. Eliminate it quite simply, there are different methods and means.

Clean the refrigerator cabinet should start with disconnecting it from the network. Then wipe everything thoroughly. After that, it is necessarily ventilated and put there an aroma absorber. And to prevent the problem from returning as long as possible, it is worth resorting to preventive measures – to arrange various absorbents on the shelves. Choose them based on the odor you like best. There is a huge choice.

Sometimes simply washing the unit and throwing away the spoiled one does not give the proper effect. This means that the refrigerator compartment is malfunctioning. It is necessary to check thoroughly all the parts. It is better to contact specialists. But if there is no desire to do this, then you can try to deal with the problem yourself. In some cases, it is enough to simply clean the drainage pipe. And if the problem is in the seal, the best way out is to buy a new refrigerator.

Causes of odor

If there is a stench in the refrigerator cabinet, you should not leave it without attention and wait for it to evaporate on its own. It is unlikely that this will happen. But there is a high probability that it will only intensify. And all your products will already be impregnated with a disgusting aroma. You have to deal with the problem right away. First determine the cause and then look for a solution.

Odor in the refrigerator can be caused by various problems inside the refrigerated cabinet. Most often, it is caused by spoiled food. You may have forgotten a sandwich under the wall or left sour milk open. If you realize that this is the problem, then start removing the stench by eliminating the spoiled food. These foods sometimes lead to mold growth on the shelves, which in turn also contributes to bad odors.

If the products are poorly sealed, they too can cause this problem. After all, some of them have a rather specific aroma that spreads in the refrigerator. The drain hole can also become clogged. If you did not pay proper attention to cleaning this hole while washing the entire refrigerator, it is the one that can produce the stench. Or your appliance could have problems with the ventilation system. And because of this, there is an additional accumulation of foreign odors.

Improper temperature can also cause bad odors. You can remove odor from the refrigerator by resorting to folk methods or special chemicals. As a rule, folk remedies are products or items with a pleasant aroma, which can absorb the stench. They should be placed on the shelf and updated regularly. Wash at the same time refrigerator cabinets with the help of special solutions that remove the ambergris. For example, one of the proven methods is soda. This solution is used to wipe the refrigeration equipment.

Ways to remove the odor

Before looking for how to remove the odor from the refrigerator at home, wash it. This is the first and most important thing that any housewife should do to destroy the ambergris. Even with the help of special items that absorb the stench, you will not be able to graze from bad aromas if you do not clean the unit itself. Eliminate the causes of the odor in this sequence:

Unplug the appliance.
Clear it of food.
Wash the refrigerator cabinet. Arm yourself for this with ordinary soap or special chemistry, or wipe the equipment with vinegar.
Dry everything.
If after that it still smells, then it is worth washing the unit again, but already with special means. For example, you can do this with vinegar and water. Or use special detergents for such cases.


How to eliminate your particular problem, decide on the basis of what caused it. Next, we will tell you about the best recipes that will help to eliminate unpleasant odor.

Folk remedies

Folk remedies should be used first of all, when you are looking for a way to remove unpleasant odor from the refrigerator. They are suitable if the contamination is not neglected. This is an excellent alternative to chemicals, the use of which should be resorted to only in the most difficult cases. Among the best folk remedies:

Vinegar. Strong aroma can be removed with vinegar. Dilute it in half with water and wipe all shelves and walls completely. Then leave the doors open until the aroma is gone.
Vodka and lemon juice. You mix the ingredients 10 to 1. Or dilute a little lemon juice in a liter of water. To consolidate the result will help citrus fruits. Take a few pieces of rind of any fruit and put them in the refrigerator.
Ammonia. Mix a spoonful of ammonia in a liter of water and wash the refrigerator cabinet with the resulting solution. This is quite an aromatic mixture, so then it should be rinsed with warm water.
Manganese. It will be a wonderful solution if the cause of the stench is meat or eggs.
Baking soda. Dilute 2 tablespoons in one liter of water. And wash well all the walls. And just dry baking soda in a plate can absorb bad odors. Calcined water works just as effectively. you need a mixture of clean water and soda ash. In addition to odor, it will help deal with dirt and rust.
Soap emulsion. Grate laundry soap on a grater, dissolve it in warm water and treat the refrigerator well. Then rinse everything with plain water.
These solutions will help get rid of the unpleasant odor. Toothpaste, which should be applied on the walls and then rinsed off, will remove the odor well. Similarly, you can use a solution of ammonia and tooth powder. If you wash the refrigerator with hydrogen peroxide and liquid soap, you can kill germs, and the odor will not be too strong after that.


And to prevent its appearance, you can secure the refrigerator, for example, with charcoal. Crush a bit of charcoal on a plate and put it on one of the shelves or a little bit on all of them. You can also prevent unpleasant odors with a cup of coffee or coffee grounds, black bread, rice, essential oil, sliced raw potatoes or apples, pomegranate crusts, tea bags, a cup of tea, fragrant plants, and dry aromatic spices: turmeric, basil, cloves or cinnamon.

You may also find it helpful:

Ground coffee in a bowl is a great absorbent. It should also be placed on one of the shelves of the refrigerator.
A paste of ground cinnamon and vinegar in a special container with a lid that has holes in it can fight odors for a long time.
Pour 1 tablespoon of vanilla extract into a bowl and throw a few balls of absorbent cotton into it.
You can use cat litter box filler or silica gel shoe bags for the same purpose. Five bags are enough for a small household refrigerator. After six months, they should be replaced with new ones.
You can eliminate extraneous odor with salt and sugar. They should be left overnight in the washed refrigerator. This is not very effective, but it is affordable.
In the bottom vegetable storage tray, place a piece of crumpled heavy paper. It will help keep freshness there.
Try removing the odor with antibacterial wipes that every lady has in her purse.


Natural odor neutralizers

Natural neutralizers will be indispensable in the destruction of stink, and they do not have chemicals in their composition, and therefore are not harmful to health. But a pleasant aroma from the refrigerator thanks to them you are provided. As mentioned above, these include coffee, bread, essential oils, potatoes, citrus peels, tea and spices.

The use of odor neutralizers will help to prevent stink. They will make the problem occur less often or not at all. But do not forget that the neutralizer you choose must be changed regularly. Otherwise it will be weathered out and stop working.

Try to remove the odor in your refrigerator using different neutralizers. Over time, you will choose the one you like best and decide which one is the most effective. Even those remedies that may seem strange are worth trying out. They may be the ones that will best deal with your problem.

However, if the odor is too strong or has been present in your refrigerator for a long time, then getting rid of it will not be so easy. And you simply need to turn to specialized detergents. They, of course, are not so safe, but they are very effective in eliminating even the ingrained odor. And don’t forget that it’s not just products that can cause a stench. If the neutralizers don’t work, make sure your unit is in good working order.

Purchased cleaning products and odor absorbers

Folk remedies do not give the desired result and do not help to eliminate the odor? Specially formulated store-bought detergents will come to the rescue. They are non-toxic, and there are already a large number of them. For example, for odor removal, try using OdorGone, an eco-friendly water-based detergent. In half a day, it will deal with all the harmful bacteria and dispose of the most persistent odors.

A good product is Indesit for cold rooms. It is sprayed inside, and immediately rinsed off with clean water.

A set of Top House spray and wipes is universal for fighting dirt and germs. It does a great job of absorbing stinky odors.

Clean Home gel is one of the safest products. It consists mainly of peroxide. It doesn’t even need to be rinsed off after use.


Various aroma absorbers also work effectively. Just put them on the shelves and the problem will disappear. The most popular absorbers include:

Silica gel balls. In addition to fighting odor, they also absorb excess moisture.
Egg-shaped absorbers. They are able to absorb the most persistent odors.
A device with carbon filters. They need to be replaced every few months.
Gel. It absorbs and eliminates odors twice as fast as all other means.
Ionizer. This thing has a high price. But it is invented not only to eliminate stench, but also to sanitize the air and suspend rotting. It is effective, provided that every day for a few minutes will be in the refrigerated cabinet.

What to do if it does not remove the odor

Sometimes the freezer does not maintain the correct temperature. It may spontaneously defrost. Accordingly, the answer to the question of how to get the odor out is simple: repair it and wash the refrigerator cabinet again. A clog may form in the drain or freezing system. In this case, get rid of the stench by cleaning them. Foreign odors can come from broken parts or a damaged seal. Of course, replacement of these elements will help to eliminate the problem, but in this case it is better to buy a new refrigerator.

Useful tips

Smoked meats and spices have a pungent and specific odor. It accumulates and starts to stink. Therefore, it is best to have a closed container for them. But if you still have this problem, we tell you what to do if the refrigerator smells like fish. Beer will help to remove its odor. Just soak a sponge in it and wipe the place where it was lying. If you do not like the method with beer, you can wipe the shelves with lemon juice and keep it for three hours. Then everything should be washed with clean water.

Close juices and compotes with lids. If they are open, then ice will appear on the walls of the refrigerator chamber.

It is necessary to constantly monitor the level of humidity. If it rises, mold will form on the shelves. Silica gel balls help to regulate humidity. If there is fungus in the refrigerator, you will be helped by whitewash, hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, ammonia, baking soda and laundry soap. Just wipe the chamber well with these solutions and mold will not bother you anymore. A germicidal lamp will also perfectly eliminate fungus.

If meat in the refrigerator began to stink, then it should be immediately thrown out. Figuring out how to eliminate the odor of spoiled meat, pay attention to soap, soda, vinegar and ammonia solutions. Recipes for their preparation are described above. Treat the chamber with a napkin soaked in one of the solutions. Special attention should be paid to shelves and drawers made of plastic. Everything that can be removed and taken out should be ventilated outside. Let the refrigerated cabinet a few days to stand with an open door.

Prevention tips

Do not forget to carry out odor prevention. This can be done with the help of special aroma absorbers or natural neutralizers. Put them on the shelves in special containers and replace them periodically. Choose neutralizers that you like the smell. There are plenty of them: coffee, tea and spices. Just do not forget to change them from time to time, as their flavor is weathered, and they can no longer save you from the stench. According to the reviews of those who resort to preventive measures, it really helps to forget about the problem of bad odor in the refrigerator for a long time.

Again, regularly throw away anything that has spoiled and wipe up anything that has spilled. To do this, it’s worth double-checking everything in the fridge cupboard every week.

If you bought a new refrigerator, you should clean it well before you start using it. The thing is that while it was stored in the warehouse, it will certainly form dusty deposits. Besides, it is necessary to get rid of the plastic odor, which all new appliances have.

Periodically wash the appliance. The frequency of necessary cleaning depends on the cooling system. If your refrigerator is equipped with the No Frost system, you should treat it several times a year. But if you own a unit with a drip system, you will have to do it every month.

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