Useful tips: how to choose a refrigerator repair service center


One of the main household appliances today is the refrigerator. It plays an essential role in the life of every modern person. However, this type of equipment, like all others, is subject to breakdowns.

How to choose a service center for refrigerator repair and not to make a mistake? Where and how to find a master with knowledge and experience, who will quickly and inexpensively repair household appliances? In this article, let’s talk about the pros and cons of the services of private masters and service centers.

How and where do people look for masters to repair household appliances?

  • They turn to an authorized service center.
  • Ask for recommendations from acquaintances and friends.
  • On street advertisements.
  • They turn to Internet services of announcements of individuals and enterprises (“Avito”, etc.).
  • Browse the websites of specialized companies.
  • Each of these methods has advantages and disadvantages.

What do I need to know when choosing a specialist?

If the refrigerator is still under warranty, it is better to contact a service center authorized by the manufacturer. In case of a serious malfunction, the technique will be repaired free of charge. If the warranty period has expired, the cost of repair in the service center may be high. This is especially true for well-known world brands from the premium segment (for example, Miele or lIebherr), where prices are formed in the central office of the company and are the same for all regions. The official service earns not only on services, but also on component parts, the markup on which is 100-200%. Refrigerator repair in a licensed service center is quality, responsibility, professionalism.

Listening to the advice of friends and acquaintances, read reviews of the service center on the Internet, go to the website (companies specializing in providing services have them). Check the rates, contact the manager and consult, fill out the feedback form and make a request.

Posting ads are often designed for retirees who do not own a computer or smartphone. It is easier to simply tear off the piece of paper and call the number provided. The prices of such specialists are not always reasonable, guarantees are doubtful, because there is no information about the company that conducts repairs.

Masters from “Avito” and announcement sites can be professionals, but may turn out to be beginners. Prices for private services are lower, but spare parts for appliances of unknown origin. The “people from the street” do not always have equipment for complex repairs. And to trust the guarantees of a person without a license is unwise. Cases when under the guise of a master in the house come scammers or “information collectors” for thieves-domushniki, too, happen.

A convenient option is to contact a specialized service center. A private company invests in business, cares about its reputation. On the promotion of the site, the purchase of tools and spare parts, wages to employees need money. And there is a lot of competition in the segment of services in Moscow. Offering a low price bar, the company in the fight for customers does not overestimate the cost of work. In addition, inviting a master from the service center, you hardly need to worry about the safety of the house and family members.

Top 5 advantages of service centers

Service centers are private enterprises. Why should you entrust the repair of expensive household appliances to professionals?

Initially contractual or fixed price of repair services, politeness and neatness of the master, departure of the specialist at a convenient time for you… We have found another Top 5 reasons to contact the service center.

  • A wide range of comprehensive repair services for any modifications of household refrigerators. In case of poor-quality repair, the client has the right to demand the elimination of faults (such cases are rare).
  • Availability of original spare parts, equipment tools for complex types of work.
  • Specialists with experience and the necessary technical knowledge, having the appropriate groups of tolerances.
  • Guarantee of safety of your home appliances and compliance with safety regulations.
  • The presence of a valid legal entity, ready to bear responsibility for the services provided.

Repairs by the book: what do I need to know?

Having analyzed customer reviews of refrigerator repair services and household appliances in Moscow, we have collected the situations that arise when calling the master. How to fight with careless specialists? Let’s try to understand.

  • Problem: after performing the work the master calls the price, many times higher than stated. The price does not correspond to the complexity of repair.
  • Solution: the master calls the price after diagnosis, before the repair. If “found” hidden faults, he must inform about it, and renegotiate the price of repair technique.
  • Problem: the technician includes diagnostics in the price of services.
  • Solution: diagnosis is paid for if the client refused to work. Such points are clarified with the manager of the center when calling the master.
  • Problem: negligence in relation to the equipment, property of the customer.
  • Solution: call the service center and ask for a replacement specialist.
  • Problem: the master is unkempt, works without overalls, does not wear shoe covers, does not clean up after himself – it is better not to contact such people.
  • Solution: write honest reviews about the technician

Why trust your refrigerator repair to “c-and-iapplianceandacrepair”?

  • Trained team of craftsmen with specialized knowledge and experience.
  • The client pays only for the work and spare parts.
  • Departure on the day of request – we value the time of our customers.
  • Free diagnostics in case of repair by our specialist.
  • Always available original spare parts and components.
  • Carrying out repairs at home – including turnkey.
  • 95% of cases of technical faults, are eliminated by masters in one visit within two to three hours, without transporting equipment to the service center.
  • The work is performed in the presence of the client, which excludes the replacement of components and the appearance of “additional” breakdowns”, which will increase the cost of repair.
  • Warranty on repair work + advice on the operation of equipment.
  • Control of the work of masters: we take into account customer feedback. We try to improve the quality of our service every day.

Prices on the site correspond to the actual prices. The specialist will warn if the diagnosis “finds” hidden faults.

The company “c-and-iapplianceandacrepair” more than 5 years of productive work in the segment of providing comprehensive professional services for repair of household refrigerators. Prompt fulfillment of requests on the day of request, at any convenient time.

If special equipment is needed for repair or replacement of spare parts, specialists transport the equipment to the service center. The client does not pay for the call and diagnostics, payment is made only for repair and spare parts. Each employee of the company is trained, has a group of admission to work with electrical equipment.

On the website of the company “c-and-iapplianceandacrepair” for visitors is available a simplified form of feedback call the master.

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Useful tips: how to choose a refrigerator repair service center
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