What should I do if my washing machine has blinking indicators?


The error code indicator usually flashes to attract attention. By referring to the table of error code values, you can quickly identify the cause of the fault and proceed to its elimination. If several indicators start flashing at once when the CMA is switched on, this indicates a malfunction of the electronic module.


Why the indicator light is blinking

The electronic module of modern washing machines interrogates the main components of the washing machine at all stages of washing and, if a fault is detected, stops the washing process with an error code. This allows you to intervene in time and prevent a small malfunction from turning into a serious breakdown.
Let’s look at the main episodes when the washing machine stops or shuts down with an error code.


During washing, the CMA may stop and “hang” on one of the modes. Sometimes after stopping, the mode is reset and the program is reset to zero. In this case, the program selection knob may rotate independently in a circle.


  • Water enters the tank, but goes away by self-drainage.
  • Failure of the water heating element.
  • Failure of the drying heating element.
  • Electric motor malfunction.
  • Failure of the drain pump.
  • Malfunction of the command unit (KCMA).
  • Faulty electronic module.
  • Self-draining

If the tank takes too long to fill (poor water supply or uncontrolled self-draining), the control unit will reset the program and display the corresponding error code. In this case, the normal water supply must be restored or the cause of the self-draining must be eliminated.

Heating element

Defective heating elements for water heating and drying can cause program reset and stop the CMA. This happens when heating elements in the process of natural wear and tear begin to short-circuit the housing, which is dangerous for life.

If such leakage is detected, the electronic module will generate an error code signaling the need to replace the defective heating element. It is necessary to check the heating element with a tester and replace it in case of malfunction.

Electric motor

If the motor brushes are worn out or there is a leak on the housing, the motor cannot get the necessary power. In this case, water is poured into the CMA, but the motor stops. The program resets and an error code is generated. It is necessary to remove the motor and check the collector brushes, lamellae for wear, as well as the absence of a short circuit to the housing.


Clogging of the drain pump, jamming of the impeller, even briefly, can also lead to a program reset with an error code. The impeller must be cleaned of foreign objects and the defective pump must be replaced.

Mechanical command unit

As a rule, CWMA can cause the program to stop with an error after prolonged operation due to the wear of the gears. As a result of the breakage, the automatic change of washing mode does not occur, you have to switch the mode manually. Some KCMA models can be repaired, others must be replaced.

Control module

The electronic control module fails due to voltage surges in the network. This is a difficult fault to detect. All indicators may flash or the CMA may not turn on at all. If all the possible causes of failure described above have been checked, the ECM must be repaired or replaced.

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What should I do if my washing machine has blinking indicators?
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